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Games-Based Approach

We believe young children can best learn to play tennis by learning "strategy" first by teaching situations that occur in a match.

Teaching your own kids how to play tennis is a very rewarding experience. It is, however not always easy to do. For the majority of parents the task can often times put a strain on the relationship between the child and parent. In other cases, the parent may not have the time or skill to teach their child the proper technique and skills. What I often tell parents who would like their child to learn the game of tennis is to expose it to them early, say around three or four years old. This way they can learn what is the most difficult part of tennis, which is hand-eye coordination. After learning this, let them try other sports like soccer, basketball etc. This way, those other sports would not only enhance their tennis, but they will also serve to keep them from "burn out" from focusing on just tennis. I can't tell you the number of kids that I have seen quit tennis simply because they were just plain tired from the routine of just hitting balls and taking lessons.


One of the good things that has come about in recent years is 10 & Under tennis. This involves using larger tennis balls with less bounce and a smaller court. While I am not 100 percent happy with the program, I think overall it is good because it gives the child a better opportunity at success early in learning the game. According to statistics, more than 80% of individuals quit playing tennis within the first year. This is why we focus on fun, fitness and competition. With these factors the players can take what they learn and play any sport. Also, it helps them maintain their weight, a positive attitude and higher self-esteem.


  • Hand-Eye Cordination
  • Getting in shape
  • Cardio Tennis for Kids
  • Jumping Rope
  • Teaching Tennis Rules and scoring



As a Recreational Development Coach, I understand what it is to teach Grassroots students. especially because I understand that kids are not small adults. They do not have the hand-eye coordination that an adult would have. Sometimes I think parents of young players don't always understand that. we have to be patient with their development and understand that tennis will come quicker to some kids than it will to others. That is why I believe that is where 10 & Under tennis has come in. It gives the child a greater chance of success earlier, thus, keeping them involved in the game longer.